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Unlike Any Other Commentary


The compilation of commentary in this book is unlike the standard, run of the mill, poke fun at type of commentary you see in newspapers or magazines. This commentary brings to life, Sal and Al, as they discuss noteable issues and they offer a new perspective of how these issues could be at the very least, accepted, and at the very best, dealt with. It's not just a book of commentary, but a book of history. Each commentary corresponds with a date in history which provides remembrance to significant times, not only in the USA, but in the world. I would highly recommend this book - to everyone. Judy D. - 10th Grade English Teacher.

Breakfast with Sal and Al - everyday!


I need S&A with my breakfast to know what THE PEOPLE see in the daily news, what they understand from the media and what they hope for. Fred

So good!

Barbara J Harrison

Sal and Al crack me up. How refreshing to read something so funny and thought-provoking! I highly recommend getting this book.

Bravo, Sal and Al

James J. Greene

Down through the ages 'Everyman' is more often than not the best observer of the times. Back in the 30's Will Rogers poked fun at the government. In the 60's Eric Hoffer came along to tell us Reagan was a B actor so watch out. The 70's brought us the brilliant Mort Sahl. And now it's Sal & Al explaining how common sense is oh so uncommon. May their work never cease. Bravo Sal & Al. Bravo! - Jimmy Greene

Gotta Get My Daily Dose!


Sal & Al are always keeping it "real"... it's refreshing and fun! Forget politically correct... no topic, person or issue are exempt and that's a good thing. I also like how it stimulates thought provoking discussions when shared. Thank You!

My daily comic relief

Liat Perry

I'm a faithful reader of the Sal & Al blog from its very first days - it's always good to stop for a moment and enjoy Alex's sharp and straight to the point arrows, written eloquently, humoristically and with a realistic and profound point of view, yet compassionate and humane. As a sworn fan I rushed to order the book once it came out, and now I have it next to my bed, so I can go back and forth and see how right he was about the things he said in a perspective of time. It is amazing how so simply put, all the political wrongs are portrayed in such clarity. Through two regular guys with whom it's easy to identify, he puts his finger on the heart of corruption, stupidity & modern exploitation of the public. I certainly recommend!

Insightful and humorous


It is nice to read a piece of literature that is so insightful. The perspective is right on with a sense of humour that wants you to read more. I have followed the online column for years. Having a complilation of these thought readily accessible is wonderful. Looking forward to the next edition.

Great art and incisive, funny commentary!

Providing a measure of order in a mad world, Sal and Al are the reader's faithful companions through the events of the last few years. Streamlined, straightforward illustrations are accompanied by commentary no less direct. Sal and Al speak for all of us trying to make our voices heard.

Common sense from the common mna,

Ronny, Pam and the Kiwis

A vibrant summary of what is happening in our crazy world. It is about absurd people and their behavour in an absurd world. "Every absurdity has a champion to defend it.
Sal and Al they make us laugh, they make us frown as we try to fathom what our life is all about. Short and to the point, their comments make our day. Ronny , Pam and the Kiwis

Fantastic Reading...


Sal and Al address present day issues in such a witty and clever way - it gets you both laughing and crying and always wanting more! They are directly to the point and they sugar coat nothing. They offer simple solutions to not so simple problems. The witty commentary coupled with the clever art create an unmatched talent. Sal and Al is genuinely great reading material. Would highly recommend.

Sal and Al

Loveable characters making funny remarks on every newsworthy item of the last two years, from the bale-out of big banks, the contineud "war on terror," the tragedy in Afganistan, sexual hypocracy, and the decline of the American educational system to anti-Israeli sentiments in the media, the Palin phenomenon, and the failure of health care. The Best of Sal and Al is a gem: they are as funny as the best of the the Late Show and the Colbert Report.

les's comments


Sal @ Al's view of life is interesting and full of humor. The drawings make it easy to imagine the conversations.
It is a book that I read in daily spurts to put myself in a good mood before or after work. I wish I had a friend with similar conversations were possible.

Comedy Meets Reason


Absolutely Hilarious, Sal & Al has been able to stike the almost perfect balance, that balance seems to have illuded the most seasoned of Pundits.

I love it


Succinct, thinking out loud, suported by really wonderful and funny cartoons. Had a great time reading this book.

In the trenches

By Alfred Connable

You won't mistake Sal and Al for Bill Mauldin's wartime GI's, Willie and Joe.

Sal and Al are guys on Main Street America in the twenty-first century, part-right conservatives (as opposed to part-right liberals) with a litany of complaints against big government. Willie and Joe were men in the mud of the Italian campaign in WWII, resigned to hard times in real front line trenches and foxholes.

As cartoon characters whose dialogue often speaks for many others, both pairs of Americans reflect something important about their era. Sal and Al, often humorous, sometimes penetrating and clever, will offer historians a wealth of insight into one kind of American attitude in our day. Willie and Joe encapsulated the lives of those who, without fully realizing it at the time, saved the world from Nazi conquest.

Funny and apropos


The cartoons alone are worth getting this book for: simple, pen and ink, classic. They are reminiscent of some of the great cartoonists of the earlier parts of the last century and are just a pleasure to look at.

But the "jokes"--if you can call them that--are great too. In truth, they offer a kind of running commentary on current events. Sometimes they are of the laugh-out-loud variety, but more often they are simply thoughtful, sometimes bitter reflections on our current political, economic, and social states of affairs. And one of the most refreshing things about Sal and Al is that their politics cannot be pigeon-holed as Left or Right. The closest one might get is Populist, although not of the stupid, pandering sort that is common on the Right today.

Great book!

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