What Readers Say about the Daily Blog...


“Simply put and with home spun eloquence

that cannot be improved upon.”


“Next election we should vote for Sal and Al”.

Fred, New Jersey

“We need to do two very easy things: repeal the 1996 congressional vote so that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac can only buy confirming loans, and re-institute Glass-Stegal (repealed in 1999). Banks would become banks, brokerage houses would be brokerage houses and insurance companies insurance companies. Just get back to the basics. But the people in Congress are such a collection of idiots and money mongers that logic is gone.”


“Aristotle: ….ignorance is our condition….understanding our passion.”

Philosopher from Missouri

“Yes, the futures of this country (and world) depend on how well our children are educated. Imagine how many kids could have a better education with all the money the government spent on the bailouts of the idiots. This cartoon is right on the money.”

Concerned citizen

  “I am from South Carolina and I am ashamed of our governor. He is so unstable and can’t run his own life, how can he run our state? RESIGN!”


“If the present Congress and President were only playing with some small entitlement programs, we would not be concerned. However, they are ‘toying’ with some very basic concepts of our Republic. Our representative form of government is being tested. If congress listens, then our constitutional form of government will pass; if they don’t, then it is uncertain as to what form of government will evolve. Never before has our government been so involved in so many parts of our lives. It is indeed a very anxious time for our country.”

Doug in Texas

“Dear Sal and Al, I don’t know if you are a man, woman, or team, but I just wanted to tell you that I have received your blog this morning and took the liberty to going through the archives. I am thoroughly impressed at your work and dedication to this country. At worst, your comic strip should be in the New York Times, at best YOU should be President. Keep up the tremendously good work guys. Take Care.”

Blake E. New York, New York

“Keep them coming….we enjoy them!”

Ron, New Zealand

“Quite clever thinking”


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